5 Tips for Locating a Will: What Executors Should Know

The death of a loved one can be devastating. For those closest to the decedent, however, dwelling in grief may not be an option because they will likely have some work to do after the passing in order to start settling the estate. And the first step in this process will usually be to locate the will.

Given that finding a will can be its own challenge in some cases, below, we’ve presented some helpful tips for executors and others who may be searching for the will or the estate plan.

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Looking for a Loved One’s Will? Here’s What Can Help…

  1. Start with the court – In some cases, people may have already taken the step to file their wills with the local probate court. So, check with the court first. It may save you a lot of hassle, stress and time.
  2. Check a home safe, home files and/or the computer of the decedent – If the will has not been filed with the court (or if it’s easier for you to check the decedent’s home first), then look in any safe or files the decedent may have kept at home. You may also want to check his or her computer, as there may be a digital copy of the will or even emails to/from lawyers who have worked on the will. This can put you on the right path to tracking it down if the decedent kept these kinds of records at home.
  3. Check a safety deposit box – If you know that the decedent had a safety deposit box, then check that next if you have still not be able to locate the will. You should be aware, however, that you will likely need to present a death certificate to the bank (in order to get access to the safety deposit box); so, be sure you have copies of the death certificate on hand to avoid additional complications.Here, we also want to note that, if you are not sure whether the decedent had a safety deposit box, check a recent bank statement to see if there are “safety deposit box” rental fees listed on it.
  4. Ask other loved ones – If your search has been unsuccessful up until this point, then try asking other loved ones to see if they may know where the decedent kept the will. You may be surprised to find that others have some helpful insight regarding where else to look.
  5. Consult a lawyer – If you still have no luck locating a will, then it’s typically a good time to contact an attorney and get some professional help locating the will.

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