How to Select an Estate Lawyer: 5 Steps to Choosing the Right Attorney

When you are ready to develop a comprehensive estate plan to preserve your future wishes, finding the right attorney to work with can be essential to effectively protecting your assets while minimizing any future liabilities.

Given that there are a lot of lawyers out there, though, it can be challenging to know who may be the best choice to retain moving forward. To help you in your selection process, below are some of key steps to take when looking for an estate lawyer.

The Process of Choosing an Estate Lawyer

  1. Start with experienced estate attorneys – Make a list of estate lawyers in your area who have a least a decade of experience. The more experience an estate lawyer has, the better (s)he will probably be at dialing into your needs and helping you devise the best possible solution(s).
  2. Verify their credentials – Consult the state bar association to see if the attorneys you are considering have the experience and credentials they have claimed to have. Taking this step can be important to avoiding dishonest and/or less experienced professionals whose overstatements and lack of experience could result in costly mistakes.
  3. Find out how much of a practice is devoted to estate planning – While an attorney may have years and years (or decades and decades) of experience providing estate planning services, asking about how much of their practice is focused on estate planning can help you figure out just how big of a priority your case may be to that lawyer in the future.For instance, if you end up retaining an estate lawyer who also does employment law, civil rights law and criminal law cases, your case may be quickly deprioritized. So, the bottom line is to focus on choosing a lawyer who has a practice that is at least 50 percent devoted to estate planning.
  4. Read some testimonials and reviews – Check out what former clients have had to say about the lawyers you are still considering. Their reviews can provide some important insight as to what issues or level of service you may expect when working with a particular professional.
  5. Meet your options for an initial consult – When you have narrowed your list down to about three (or so) options for estate lawyers, attend an initial consult with each option so you can get a personal feel for each. Think about who makes you feel more comfortable, who you seem to trust more, and who you feel is the most reliable. The best choice will be a professional who you feel like you can open up to and rely on for effective solutions and service.

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