Business Law

Setting up and running a business can engender a range of legal issues, some of which can be complicated to successfully resolve without the help of an experienced business lawyer. From getting established as a legal business entity to operating a business on a daily basis and growing that business, such business legal issues may be critical to favorably resolve in order to position a business for optimal success in the future.

At Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth, our Pueblo business law attorneys understand the range of legal issues that small and larger businesses have to contend with, and our lawyers have the skills, integrity and experience necessary to help our corporate clients obtain the best possible resolutions to their legal issues. Our goal is to help our clients successfully move past their business legal issues so that they can focus on making their businesses as successful and profitable as possible.

Our Business Law Practice

The respected business law practice at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth has been built on a record of diligence, ethical representation, results and success. Some of the corporate legal services that our Pueblo business law attorneys provide to meet our clients’ needs include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Forming a business entity, including limited liability corporations, partnerships, etc.
  • Developing and reviewing business contracts, including employment contracts, vendor and subcontractor contracts, client contracts, etc.
  • Resolving disputes regarding breaches of contract (both for our clients who contend that another party is in breach of a contract and for clients who are defending themselves against such allegations)
  • Overseeing mergers, acquisitions and the dissolutions of businesses
  • Overseeing major business transactions, including those that involve high-value assets (like real estate holdings)
  • Overseeing and resolving all regulatory compliance issues
  • Resolving business tax issues
  • Managing all matters related to corporate governance
  • Advising and representing businesses that may be corporate crisis (due to, for instance, a government investigation).

With more than four decades of experience representing corporate clients in Pueblo and in neighboring areas (including in Trinidad and throughout Las Animas County), our Pueblo business law attorneys can always be counted on to assist our corporate clients in obtaining the best possible outcomes to their business legal matters.

Trinidad and Pueblo Business Law Attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth

If you are dealing with any business legal issue, the Trinidad and Pueblo business law attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth are ready to provide you with the highest quality legal services.

Experienced and respected, our Trinidad and Pueblo business law attorneys have been committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the legal system and favorably resolve their important business law issues since 1972. With our trusted attorneys on your side, you can be confident that your case and legal matters will be brought to a successful resolution in the most efficient manner possible.