Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is an effective way for people to pursue justice and compensation when they have been the subject of some legal wrongdoing. Despite the fact that civil litigation is a viable form of legal recourse for many, the process of resolving civil cases can be complicated, obtuse, expensive and time-consuming, especially when people do not have an experienced attorney on their side, defending their interests and working towards their goals throughout the process.

If you are preparing for any type of civil litigation, you can count on the Pueblo civil litigation attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth to provide you with:

  • Aggressive legal advocacy
  • Superior representation in any legal setting, including in mediation, arbitration and courtroom proceedings
  • The highest quality legal services so that you are able to resolve your case as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Our Civil Litigation Practice

At Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth, our civil litigation practice is built on time-tested litigating skills, as well as in-depth legal knowledge and dedication to getting our clients the results they need and deserve. Some of the specific types of cases that our Pueblo civil litigation attorneys have a track record of successfully resolving include (but are not limited to) those involving:

  • Personal injury claims, including catastrophic injury cases, motor vehicle accident cases and product liability cases
  • Business law disputes, including contract disputes
  • Employment law disputes, including wrongful termination cases, wage violation claims and sexual harassment cases
  • Probate and other estate planning-related matters, including cases involving allegations of a breach of fiduciary duties
  • Civil Rights violations, including workplace discrimination cases
  • Family law disputes, including divorce and child custody cases.

Pueblo Civil Litigation Attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth

Are you preparing for a civil case or civil litigation? If so, the Pueblo civil litigation attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth are ready to meet with you, review your case and provide you with the highest quality legal services. Since 1972, our Pueblo civil litigation attorneys have been dedicated to helping our clients:

  • Navigate the complexities of the legal system
  • Pursue their best options for successfully resolving their case
  • Stand up to the people and entities that have wronged them
  • Bring their civil cases to a successful resolution in the most efficient manner possible.

With more than four decades of experience representing clients in Pueblo and in neighboring areas (including in Trinidad and throughout Las Animas County), our Pueblo civil litigation attorneys are always ready to fiercely defend our clients rights in any legal setting so they can secure the best possible outcomes to their cases.

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