Civil Rights Discrimination

Discriminating against anyone due to their race, ethnicity, gender, religion or national origin is illegal, according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While the terms of this law have since been expanded, as they now also make it illegal to discriminate on basis of disability and sexual orientation, this law effectively means that you cannot be the subject of discrimination:

  • By coworkers or employers in the workplace (including as part of the hiring process)

  • By law enforcement officials (as in, for instance, racial profiling)
  • By judges or jurors in court or legal proceedings
  • In various other proceedings, relationships and events.

Despite these legal protections, however, discrimination and violations of people’s Civil Rights still occur in various settings, often costing the subjects of this discrimination on a psychological and even possibly financial level. The good news, however, for the subjects of discrimination is that the Pueblo Civil Rights discrimination attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth are:

  • Ready to aggressively defend their rights
  • Dedicated to holding the perpetrators of discrimination responsible for their illegal and unethical actions
  • Skilled at helping our clients obtain the full amount of compensation they may deserve in the aftermath of discrimination and Civil Rights violations.

With more than four decades of experience representing clients in Pueblo and in neighboring areas (including in Trinidad and throughout Las Animas County), our Pueblo Civil Rights discrimination attorneys can always be counted on to provide each of our clients with superior representation while helping them obtain the best possible outcomes to their cases.

How Our Pueblo Civil Rights Discrimination Attorneys Can Help You

At Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth, our Civil Rights discrimination practice is built on a record of legal advocacy, integrity, ethical representation and results. Supporting these efforts, our Pueblo Civil Rights discrimination attorneys provide an array of services to the subjects of discrimination, with some of these legal services including (but not necessarily being limited to):

  • Promptly filing their discrimination case
  • Coordinating with the appropriate administrative authorities, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (when necessary or applicable)
  • Defending their rights in mediation, arbitration and courtroom proceedings
  • Helping them resolve their cases as efficiently and favorably as possible.

Additionally, our Pueblo Civil Rights discrimination attorneys represent people and entities that have been accused of discriminatory practices and Civil Rights violations.

Trinidad and Pueblo Civil Rights Discrimination Attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth

Have you been the subject of discrimination? Or have you been accused of discrimination? If so, the Trinidad and Pueblo Civil Rights discrimination attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth are ready to provide you with the highest quality legal services.

Experienced and respected, our Trinidad and Pueblo Civil Rights discrimination attorneys have been devoted to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the legal system and favorably resolve their important legal issues since 1972. With our trusted attorneys on your side, you can be confident that your case and legal matters will be brought to a successful resolution in the most efficient manner possible.