Employment Law

The relationship between an employer and employee can be an invaluable asset for both parties when the communications, expectations and roles of both are clear and are properly performed. In the real world, however, this employer-employee relationship can be far more complicated, particularly when disputes between these parties arise.

Regardless of whether you an employer or employee, when you are dealing with any employment law issue, you can count on the Pueblo employment law attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth to:

  • Provide you with superior representation
  • Help you preserve the relationships (and possibly other assets) that you value
  • Help you develop cost-effective, viable solutions to your employment law issues
  • Help you successfully resolve employment law disputes when they arise.

Our Employment Law Practice

The employment law practice at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth is focused on providing ethical, aggressive representation to efficiently, effectively and successfully resolve our clients’ employment law issues and disputes. Some of the specific services that our Pueblo employment law attorneys provide to this end include (but are by no means limited to) handling issues related to:

  • Contract disputes between employers and employees
  • Trade secrets disputes
  • The hiring process, including assisting employers in developing employee handbooks, protocols, etc. and helping employees review employment contracts to ensure they are fair
  • The termination process, including assisting employers in developing severance packages
  • Allegations of wrongful termination (both for employees making these allegations and for employers who need help defending themselves against such allegations)
  • Allegations of workplace discrimination (including those pertaining to gender-based discrimination, ethnicity-based discrimination, etc.)
  • Allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Resolving other employment law issues and disputes in any legal setting (including in mediation, arbitration and court).

Trinidad and Pueblo Employment Law Attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth

If you need help with any employment law matter, the Trinidad and Pueblo employment law attorneys at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth are ready to provide you with the highest quality legal services. Since 1972, our Trinidad and Pueblo employment law attorneys have been dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the legal system so that they can obtain the best possible outcomes to their important employment law issues.

With more than four decades of experience representing clients in Pueblo and in neighboring areas (including in Trinidad and throughout Las Animas County), our Pueblo employment law attorneys can always be relied on to help our clients bring their sensitive and critical legal issues to successful resolutions.